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Andrea Takes On Her Critics

Apparently, Andrea is not happy about being criticized and has responded to criticisms of her with another profanity-laced article. In fact, it make for a most interesting post about logical and verbal fallacies, aside from the usual debunking.

It certainly hasn't done any damage to the Joy of Satan. We now own the largest Satanic e-groups by far on the internet, with a total of close to 10,000 members in all five e-groups combined. (As of July 2008, we are getting close to 20,000 in all Joy of Satan e-groups combined). Joy of Satan also receives over 9,000,000+ hits on all of the JoS webpages in any given month. The front page of the Joy of Satan main website has received well over 1,000,000+ hits alone.
Argumentum ad numerum/argumentum ad populum. The fact that their websites get a lot of hits and/or have lots of members does not alone prove that it's any good.

There is a book "The Secret History of the Jesuits" by Edmond Paris; translated from the French, 1975, that sums up this situation. The Catholic Church is and always has been run and operated by Jews. The late Pope John Paul (Jew) was Johnny on the spot (no pun intended) when the Jews *demanded* an audience with him.
Neither Albino Luciani nor Karol Józef Wojtyła were Jews by ethnicity or religion. I assume she's speaking of the latter here, though she never says so. Had Wojtyła had Jewish ancestry at all, it's likely he would have been rounded up with the rest of the Polish Jews. I would suppose that Andrea's claim about the former pope being a Jew is based on the fact that he was (in)famous for his attempts to apologize and make up for the atrocities Catholics had committed against Jews in the past.

Here is an excerpt from the book "The Secret History of the Jesuits" by Edmond Paris:

The Jesuits secretly and relentlessly work toward two major goals for the Roman Catholic Institution:
1. "Universal political power"
2. "A universal church in fulfillment of the prophesies of Revelation 6, 13, 17 and 18."

About the author "Edmond Paris":
"In exposing such a conspiracy, he put his life at stake." "Edmond Paris never knew me, but I knew him without meeting him personally when I, with other Jesuits under the extreme oath and induction, was being briefed on the names of institutions and individuals in Europe who were dangerous to the goals of the Roman Catholic Institution. His name was given to us." "The Edmond Paris works on Roman Catholicism brought about the pledge on the part of the Jesuits to:

1) destroy him,
2) destroy his reputation, including his family and,
3) destroy his work."

-Dr. Alberto Rivera
(Ex-Jesuit Priest)

In my first entry, I mentioned that the Joy of Satan use a lot of the same sources that Christian kooks use. This is a prime example. Alberto Rivera was (he died in 2005) a favorite source of Jack T. Chick, the author of numerous anvilicious comic books. Rivera, himself a fundamentalist Christian, claimed that the Catholic Church was responsible for every unfortunate thing that happened in the 19th and 20th centuries, including the assassination of two US presidents, both World Wars, Nazism, Communism and telemarketing. (All right, I'm kidding about that last part.) You would think that Catholic Church is guilty of enough, but apparently not. No, instead Rivera has to spin stories about how the Jesuits are super secret ninja assassins dedicated to destroying goodness and decency.

It's this kind of thing that indicates that Andrea doesn't care much about the integrity of her sources, so long as they conform to her prejudices. The fact that Alberto Rivera was a Christian and Zecharia Sitchin is a Jew matters not a wit to her since their theories happen to compliment some of her own. Now, if she acknowledged this, it would be a different matter. But she doesn't. Instead, she steamrolls over these facts and selectively presents such people as sympathetic to her views.

This is the same crap they are trying to do to me. What they didn't include is how the Jews forever use money as a tool. You oppose them and they will work to keep you broke.
Cum hoc ergo propter hoc. According to Andrea, a number of anti-Semites are poor. Why? Because they work against the Jews and Jews control money. Therefore, if you work against Jews, you will be poor.

Even supposing both claims are true, what evidence is there to support that anti-Semites are poorer are than non-antisemites? And if it is true, is it necessarily because anti-Semites are being forbidden work by angry Jews? Or is it because most militant anti-Semites try to make a living off Jew-baiting? Andrea's statement also neglects to mention that there have been and will continue to be wealthy anti-Semites. Henry Ford is a prime example.

"Back at Brannen's house drinking ensued and Brannen's wife came out and held a gun to her head threatening suicide because of Brannen's involvement in the Nazi party. Brannen's own son, who had participated in the march wearing full SS NSM uniform, rebelled against his father telling him he wanted out of the movement. Herrington and Brannen sat and got drunk and Herrington screamed and cried like a baby saying, "No one understands National Socialists!" Herrington is a paranoid schizophrenic with a severe body odor problem. He cries and flies off in a rage at any given moment, and then can be back to calm again."

This is a total LIE! Robert Brannen suffered a series of strokes and was quite ill for a number of years. He lived some 1,000+ miles away from my husband and it was very rare that my husband paid him any visits.
I'm surprised Andrea doesn't address the claim of body odor with something like "Cliff showers 6 times a day! SATAN COMMANDS IT!!!"

Also, I want to add, anyone who is against the Jews is labeled as "insane." This was quite common in communist countries such as the former USSR (communism and Christianity are Jewish twins), where anyone who protested the severe oppression was sent off to a mental institution and labeled as "insane."
Appeal to fear, slippery slope, and begging the question. If anyone has even been confined to a psychiatric hospital solely because they hate Jews, I would be interested to hear of it.

The above and following slander against me is from a Christian Preacher "Johnny Lee Clary." He is showing just how he loves his neighbors and upholds the commandments such as "Thou shalt not bear false witness against they neighbor." The Jews have paid him well.
Appeal to motive. Clary MUST be lying because he's a pawn of the Jews. And Clary's statements are almost certainly not slander. Why? Legally speaking, slander is "defamation by oral utterance."[1]

Herrington was known to get drunk and make lewd, crude, and socially unacceptable sexual comments to women telling them how he would like to put them on dog leashes and make them do sexual acts, which disgusted more then one woman. At the Rhinestone Cowboy Club, in Oklahoma City, back in 1981, Herrington stalked a waitress named Janie who had gone out with him twice, until he told her he was a Nazi, and flew into a rage calling her a whore and a slut shaking his fist at her when she told him she didn't want to go out with him again. He then proceeded that same night to tell two other women that if they would leave the bar with him, he would take them home where 'We shall sing, we shall dance, we shall f**k!" On another visit to Oklahoma City, Clifford told Miss Kathy Hamilton and Alice Clary of Moore, Oklahoma that he would like to tie them up and make them do sexual acts and bark like a dog. Herrington would often put on a German accent and pretend he had a Jewish person under a spotlight and mock threatening them with, "We have ways of making you talk!"

Sorry to disappoint you, but Cliff rarely, if ever drinks alcohol. He never goes to any bars. I don't either. I find bars noisy, smoky, stinky, dark, and boring.
Numerous red herrings. No one claimed that Andrea likes going to bars and anyway, the Rhinestone Cowboy Club is actually a nightclub.

There's also the fact that we only have Andrea's word that Cliff rarely drinks and/or goes to bars. Furthermore, most of this went down in 1981, and apparently, Andrea and Cliff married in 1988. If she tried to pull this in a court of law, she'd be laughed off the stand.

He is not a womanizer. He knows better and how often females are sicced on as infiltrators by the Jews.
So Jews pimp out nubile young women to lure in Nazis? Someone had better tell David Duke, post haste! I'll agree that Herrington isn't a womanizer, though. He sounds like more of a Leisure Suit Larry than anything else.

BTW, my son is white. He is part Middle Eastern, but classified as white. This just shows who the real "racists" are.
Andrea's son is half-Pashtun (ethnic Afghan). Thing is, I'm half-Iranian (that is, Persian) and even though some people think that this makes me and Andrea's son white, a lot of white supremacist types disagree. Some of them even go so far as to claim that Eastern and Southern European people aren't white either. Andrea may consider her son white, but that doesn't mean her fellow Neo-Nazis agree.

Herrington had a small group of teenagers who followed him and he had them dress up in Nazi uniforms as they picketed the Jewish Community Center and Herrington stood to the side with a riding crop in hand commanding, "March-two-three!" as the kids walked in a circle. Then Herrington made comments to Jewish women that he wished this was the good old days in Germany so he and his followers could come in and rape them.

Cliff finds Jewish women ugly and repulsive, let alone to have sex with them. He never walked with any "riding crop." This appears to reveal the fantasies of a sexually frustrated Christian Preacher and nothing more. He also seems to have a fascination with my and my husband's sex lives, which shows he obviously has sever hang-ups like any good Christian and given his short, dumpy appearance, he is obviously lacking.
Bare assertion fallacy. Clary isn't exactly the most stable person alive either, but at least he's willing to name other people to back up his claims. Mrs Herrington, on the other hand, just expects us to take her word for it because she's Satan's favorite child or something.

It doesn't help her credibility either that when someone disagrees with her, her blood pressure seems to shoot up 150 points and she promptly resorts to profanity and threats. Pro tip, Andrea: that doesn't make you look tough or in control; it makes you look like a thin-skinned loony.

In the mid nineties, according to another White Supremacist leader, Dennis Mahon, Herrington and his bride were passing through Tulsa and asked if Mahon could put them up for a few days, explaining they were on the run from the law as Clifford had had an affair with an underage teenage girl and the law was looking to prosecute. Whether this was actually true or not, is not known, but given Herrington's past record of making explicit comments and sexual innuendos toward younger girls, this would not be surprising if it were found to be true.

No, this is totally fabricated. We never asked anything from liar Mahon, let alone to stay with him. As for being on the "run" from the law, this is absurd. I would think the FBI would have been involved if this were true and Cliff would be sitting behind bars. ... Cliff has never served time.
Red herring. Clary wasn't claiming that Cliff Herrington ever served time.

AGAIN, this is a total lie that further evolved into "Satanic Ritual Abuse" allegations from the same bunch of assholes.
But most of those accused of Satanic Ritual Abuse weren't Satanists at all!

Total bullshit!! I turned to Satanism in the year 2000. This crap was supposed to have occurred in the early 90's.
Another red herring. No one said anything about Andrea being into Satanism at the time.

Being a Nazi, any little excuse for the Jews to throw the book, as they did with Dr. Matt Hale, who got 40 years on a whim (he was framed)... Being a Nazi, Cliff has always walked a straight line. Those who haven't, most are either behind bars or are informants for the ADL under the threat of doing hard time.
Matthew F. Hale was sentenced to forty years in prison for trying to arrange for the murder of, among others, a federal judge. [source] Unfortunately for him, his co-conspirator, Anthony Evola, was also an FBI informant. For some reason, the government tends to disapprove of arranging the murders of federal judges, so Hale was arrested and brought to trial. It probably didn't help Hale's case either when prosecutors played tape recordings of him mocking the victims of a 1999 shooting rampage orchestrated by one of his followers, Benjamin Nathaniel Smith.

If Jews were really out to frame all Neo-Nazis and white supremacists, that sure doesn't explain why a great number of them are alive and not imprisoned. Frankly, American Neo-Nazis are some of the whiniest even though they have the least reason to be. Why don't they try living in Germany, where Holocaust denial is a crime?

Anyone who is against the Jews is labeled as "insane."
Hasty generalization.

So, now they are hatefully attacking anyone who is gifted and communicates telepathically.
Straw man. The Citizens Against Hate article is not actually well-written, but they don't say that psychics in general are "crazy."

Most of the JoS members (which total close to 10,000) and many others such as Wiccans and Pagans communicate telepathically with other beings in other dimensions, so I guess we are all labeled as nuts.
Appeal to Popularity.

These LIES concerning my home are outrageous slander. Cats are clean animals. I can assure you, there is no "piss and shit" in my home.
Not necessarily. Not all cats have been properly trained to use a litter box and even if they have, if litter boxes aren't cleaned regularly, they reek. What's more, a number of male cats (especially ones who haven't been neutered) tend to spray furniture and upholstery with their urine.

Melissa Cloer was bright, healthy, and cheerful when she attempted to infiltrate the Joy of Satan. In less than two months, she came down with a severe case of multiple sclerosis, which ended her life several months later. I was told she was crawling around the floor of her house before she died at age 35. She visited my home once and very briefly. Her only problem was a severe allergy to cats, where she had to stay outside to avoid sneezing. ... Melissa got what she deserved. She was a lying bitch.
Circumstantial ad Hominem. Was that remark about Melissa really necessary?

Children? Yes, there are three children who call Andrea, "Mom." Two children still reside at home and are reported to be approximately 8 or 9 and 17 with the oldest being male. One of her sons is, supposedly, half "Afghani." Of course, according to Dann, one of the reasons that Andrea is not a dues paying member of the National Socialist Movement is because she doesn't meet the criteria. This is not just because of her mixed race child, but because she is half Native American.

Again, this liar does not have the slightest idea of how old ANY of my kids are. At one time, I WAS a full member of the NSM and still have my membership card. My son, whom they slander in the above paragraph, never had a problem with anyone in the NSM. The Jews and their cohorts are the ones who are the REAL racists.
Considering that a Jewish comedian infiltrated the National Alliance back in 2005, this doesn't really prove anything. NEXT.

"At one point, Andrea required that all of the clergy in the "Church" - and maybe the members - read all of the works by Ben Klassen. While her main gateway on the internet is the Joy of Satan website, she also operates 666 Black Sun. Up until recently, Dann tells us: Dann tells us:
"The ENTIRE front page was just a copy/paste job from one of Ben Klassen's books. People started complaining and so she changed it."

What a crock of SHIT!! Any fool should know by now, complaints don't matter to me. I do what Satan wants me to do. No, I have only used excerpts here and there of his writings. Heaven forbid anyone should speak out against the Jews! Oh My!!
Andrea is lying, and I can prove it. Here is the 666 Black Sun page as it currently stands:

And here is what it looked like on February 23, 2005:

Now, often "fair use" is cited as 300-400 words. That's not always true, but let's assume in this case that it is. Andrea used 3,599 of Klassen's words in February of 2005 on the front page alone. If Klassen's writings were copyrighted, (I'm not sure if they are or not) the Organization Formerly Known as the World Church of the Creator could have served her up a lovely DMCA takedown notice.

The entire Judeo/xian bible was written by and is a huge benefit for the Jews. It contains nothing but stolen and twisted material from Gentile Pagan religions. It is chock full of Jewish slander against Satan and the Gentile Pagan Gods. It has enabled the Jewish people to obtain privileges they are not entitled to, such as the State of Palestine of which they STOLE based upon the history they claim (which is entirely fictitious) in the bible.

"Jesus" another fictitious character is a Jew. The entire bible is nothing more than a fictitious history of the Jewish people and a powerful subliminal tool of Jew conquering Gentile from beginning to end, where their "messiah" finally appears on the scene to "judge the Gentiles" and unite the Jewish people as rulers of the earth over a Gentile slave state. Even the Jewish rabbis know Satan hates the jews.

Satanism is NOT xian "love." Fools who insist Satan is ok with the Jews need a serious reality check. The root of all vicious slander against Satan, who is our True Creator God, is Jewish. Anyone can criticize Christians, Muslims, any religion or people, but heaven forbid anyone say one bad word about the JEWS! THE POINT IS, YOU CAN'T EXPOSE THE LIE OF CHRISTIANITY WITHOUT EXPOSING THE JEWS.
Now I'll explain this very slowly: criticizing someone else's religious beliefs (or lack thereof) is not persecution. Unless you start denying someone housing rights and such because of their religion, no one's going to give a tinker's damn. Or at least, the courts won't care. Annoying people like William Donohue might, but that's beside the point.

What Andrea says about Jews falls into the category of destructive criticism. She doesn't just condemn Judaism and Zionism, she condemns all Jews, even ethnic, non-practicing Jews and non-Zionists. Andrea and her followers are allowed to hate Jews if they want, but they shouldn't act like they're being persecuted because other people find their beliefs offensive or ludicrous.

There is a reason that no one is accusing most biblical scholars of being anti-Semitic: they examine the Bible as literature and history, analyze and dispute but they don't leap the conclusion OMG THE JEWZ STOLE DIS FROM PAGANZ SO THEY COULD ROOL DA WORLD.

It has enabled the Jewish people to obtain privileges they are not entitled to, such as the State of Palestine of which they STOLE based upon the history they claim (which is entirely fictitious) in the bible.
And the Jews are ABSOLUTELY unique in this. No other culture in the world EVAR had its own set of mythical heroes and traditional founding stories. I mean, there's such a plethora of historical evidence that Romulus and Remus actually existed! Wow, why did no one notice this before?

The Zionism debate is way too complicated to get into, but suffice to say: the earliest Zionists (Theodore Herzl and his followers) were not religious. Their primary aim was to create a community for Jews again where they could live without persecution. Despite the fact that the Bible can be unreliable as history, there is one heck of a lot of proof that Jews resided in the Middle East.

Thus, despite whatever Andrea claims, most Zionists don't base their claims on Israel's the right to exist solely on "because the Talmud and Torah say so."

And now in closing, Andrea has these thoughts:

I am doing my job and it shows. I also want to add, it is obvious I am doing what Satan wants, as opposed to some idiots who ignore the blatant and claim otherwise. On 6/6/06, the 666 Black Sun e-group hit 666 members shortly after midnight. On Halloween of 2006, the Teens for Satan group hit 666.

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